Sunday, June 16, 2013


“Sweet, Merciful Morrigunia,” he whispered as the dark tip of one breast peeped from behind the edging of lace. As the garment dipped lower and the lush thrust of her breasts appeared, he felt a lightning bolt of intense lust whip straight through his groin. He pushed himself up—laying there braced on his elbows—as she pushed the chemise all the way down her hips then let it join her gown. She discarded the lacy pantaloons so quickly it made his head swim. The moment the dark red patch of curls between her legs appeared, he couldn’t draw breath. 

Kalli did as he had—turning slowly for him to view her from all sides. When she faced him again he was sitting up in the bed with his wrists resting on his raised knees. The look on his face was one that would remain with her for as long as she lived.

“Help me, Fiona,” he said, obviously struggling to get his desire under control. “Help me to go slowly.” 

The trouble was Fiona didn’t want him to go slowly. She desperately wanted what the hard jut of his cock promised. Instinctively, she moved her legs apart—firmly pushing his—arched her hips toward him, and she saw the exact moment he lost his fight to command his body. 

He planted his knees between her spread thighs and pushed her legs further apart. His hands came down on her wrists to pin her arms to the bed beside her head then lowered his heavy body to hers, slithering down her so his cock trailed a line of pre-cum from her belly to her hot core. 

She moaned at the weight of him. Nothing had ever felt so good.

 She sucked on his tongue, pulled away then fused her mouth with his again and again. Her hands roamed his back—clutching at him as though she were drowning. The wedge of her heel pressed hard against the crack of his ass then traveled down it until he felt it against his rectum. The sensation drove him wild, which was a surprise for he didn’t like anything to touch him there. Her fingers found his ribs and she raked him with a light sting that brought his mouth from hers. The look in her eyes made the breath stop in his throat. 

Penthe flipped him to his back as easily as she would have a flapjack on a griddle. She tightened her cunt around him, squeezed hard, and then did it several more times, grinning when he put his hand on her hips to still her motion.

“Please.” Her plea made him chuckle and the fanning warmth of his breath against her ear caused her lower body to tighten. She tried to arch her hips up to him but his weight kept her pressed to the bed. 

“Patience, my love,” he whispered. “I promise I will make the wait worth it.” 

He moved her hands together so he could hold both her wrists in the powerful grip of his right hand then shifted atop her so he lay over the length of the left side of her body. His left hand began a tantalizingly slow descent from her wrist to her armpit then across her throat. He gently stroked her neck, the crease between his thumb and index finger dragging deliciously up and down her flesh—once, twice, three times.

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